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Factory Trained Auto Repair

8050 Chase Drive
Arvada, CO 80003

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About Our Shop in Arvada, CO

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 2010 — Factory Trained Auto Repair

Learn more about us and what we do at Factory Trained Auto Repair by hearing our story. If you are looking for honest repairs for your vehicle in Arvada, CO we have many customers who can attest to our great service for specific makes and providing great value for fleet accounts. If you do wish to learn more than what we provide you here, you can always talk to us directly by phone at 303-650-2257.

Our Start

Like many auto repair shops, we are a family-owned business. With the knowledge gained working for Ford as a Master Certified Mechanic for 10 years, we thought we could provide the same quality of service with a much more customer-friendly atmosphere. We began as a two person operation, working hard for long hours because of our dedication to creating an honest auto repair shop. Because of our consistent and honest work, we’ve grown to a seven bay shop with four mechanics.

Our Values

Because much of the service of auto repair is in customer service, and helping our community eventually helps us, we value our customers just as much as our ability to fix their vehicles. Our vehicles are a major factor in their everyday life, and when something goes wrong it can be a stressful and uncertain situation. Helping our customers get back to their normal takes precedence, which not only includes exceptional auto repair services but also by instilling a trusting relationship between us.

The difference between a small family-owned company and a large dealership can be great. The dependability of a more personalized customer relationship can often be a greater value than the support of a dealer because you know exactly who touches your vehicle. There is no deferred responsibility. Also, because we participate in local fundraisers, donations, and local issues, along with our dependable and honest service, we have for several years been given the Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite award.

How to Get in Touch

We are a humble but robust shop. This means we are close and connected with our community, and because of our experience, we are experts at what we do. We can also handle diesel vehicles; we have great diesel mechanics and provide unparalleled support to fleet accounts. We can give this level and range of support because we are an established and trusted source.

Our shop hours are Mon-Fri: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm and we’ll be working during those times, but we do offer after hours drop off and pick-up for your convenience. You can also reach us by phone call at 303-650-2257 to coordinate repairs and to ask more questions. If there is anything you’re unsure of, we’ll give you honest and transparent answers regarding our prices and services.